Steps to be followed by patients to avail MP camp scheme. 
1. Patients would come to OPD. Basic test would be done like CT, MRI, Angioplasty (Investigation).
2. If the diagnosis is done we will give them the estimation directly, otherwise the patients will have to get the diagnosis done.
The Diagnosis will cover only the diseases mentioned under the scheme i.e. 20 Diseases beyond these 20 diseases the patients will have to pay.
3. Patients will go to  Chief Medical & Health Officer (CMHO) for the letter.
4. Letter given by CMHO to patients, need to be presented at the time of availing the treatment.
Eligibility criteria: BPL Card Holder, Labour Card holder and for children below 15 years will be eligible for the treatment given by MP Government.
As per our criteria: If the diagnosis is as per our criteria then only we would go ahead with the treatment.
Benefits: Once a year benefit.
Within 3 Months: After the issue of Order letter scheme would be eligible within 3 months for all the 3 categories. After 3 months the order letter would lapse its importance.
* All the rules comes under MP Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi